User acceptance is the key to compliance

The QLib OBDS (On-Body Delivery System) platform revolutionizes delivery of injectable drugs and the patient experience.

Today’s on-body delivery systems (OBDS) promise solutions that improve the user experience and increase compliance. However, current systems integrate unnecessary bulk into a single wearable device that the user is required to wear on their bodies. As a result, many, if not all, of the current systems appear nearly identical and provide an unfriendly user experience, because they are obtrusive and don’t allow for a discreet wearable experience. This complicated, uncomfortable approach stands in the way of patient acceptance and contributes to low compliance. The QLib OBDS platform addresses this significant problem head-on by removing the bulk allowing for the wearable pump to be worn for minutes or days in total comfort. The key to compliance is patient acceptance

QLib ODBS is one platform for many drugs and most patients

The QLib platform provides flexibility to work across many applications. It offers the possibility to change drug volume capacity and to co-administer multiple drugs and biologics that are therapeutically relevant. The platform is designed to handle liquid pharmaceuticals representing a wide range of viscosity, up to 50 cP.

Precision OBDS - icon


.25 to 3+ ml Capacity

+/- 5% Accuracy

Pre-filled or User-filled

semi-precision OBDS- icon


.25 to 10 ml Capacity

+/- 10% Accuracy

Pre-filled or User-filled



.25 to 20+ ml Capacity

+/- 5% Accuracy

Pre-filled or User-filled

Nearly half as thin as the leading wearable

The innovative QLib OBDS platform replaces bulky mechanical systems with an efficient electrochemical delivery process. The QLib OBDS uses an internal array of miniature micropumps driven by electrochemically-evolved gas pressure to deliver medication. This innovation allows the on-body device to be extremely thin—just 8 millimeters.

Qlibrium Patch Pump
Qlibrium applicator

Pre-filled, sterile, single-use removable applicator

Devices in the QLib platform hold the primary container securely within a sterile, disposable applicator. In a single step, the patient initiates the automated transfer of medication from a standard primary container to the thin wearable device before applying it to the body. The benefit to the user: a formerly complex process is now simple.

At the center of it all, a better patient experience

QLib is a new kind of on-body delivery system that replaces cumbersome electromechanical pumps with a disposable applicator and a thin wearable pump. It creates a simpler, more comfortable experience that improves compliance and quality of life for patients.

Icons describing patient use steps icons: The soft cannula deploys instantaneously, and you are done

A simple, elegant manufacturing approach

The entire portfolio of products is designed to be streamlined into standard manufacturing production and sterilization without disrupting your existing fill-finish and sterilization processes.

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