Qlibrium is revolutionizing on‑body delivery systems by starting with the patient experience

Qlibrium slim, wearable pump OBDS being held by a hand

Qlibrium innovates on-body delivery systems (OBDS) for both patients and pharmaceutical companies with the first electrochemical and microfluidic technology platform that is ultra‑slim, simple to use, and designed to complement the pharmaceutical pipelines of today and tomorrow.

Qlibrium’s innovations put the patient experience front and center with an on-body delivery system that is over 40% thinner than the leading wearable at just 8 millimeters thin. It applies with a simple click, and meets patients’ need for ease of use and livability.

See How the Qlibrium technology Empowers Diabetes Patients with the Qforma™ Insulin Pump
Qlibrium Qforma slim wearable insulin pump
Qlib drug delivery platform

The Qlibrium platform also meets the needs of our pharmaceutical partners by seamlessly integrating into standard fill-finish and sterilization processes with a slim, wearable form factor that creates user acceptance and improves compliance.

Explore the QLib™ on-body delivery system (OBDS) platform, designed to work with existing fill-finish and sterilization processes.

Prep, click, and go–simplifying care for diabetes patients

At only 8 mm, QForma’s height is close to half that of the leading wearable insulin pump. We removed the bulk and leave behind a slim, low profile wearable pump that allows the device to be worn for minutes or days in complete comfort. The result: less time dealing with bulk and more time enjoying life.


Innovating drug delivery for pharmaceutical partners

The QLib platform is designed with pharmaceutical partners in mind. A single platform that offers precision, semi-precision and bolus drug delivery solutions that are compatible with standard vials and cartridges. QLib is generations ahead in improving the user experience which will allow our partners to deliver therapies to a wider base of potential users.

Qlibrium creates simplicity for patients and pharma partners

Learn more about how Qlibrium works with pharmaceutical partners to simplify the complexities of wearable subcutaneous drug delivery for many drugs and most patients.